Motown Night

I think I have driven Armand to the brink of insanity tonight. I have spent a good part of the early evening blasting various Motown artists through the speakers of the stereo. He has asked me numerous time to play the damn music through that little contraption called an Ipod (I had to remind him what it was called). Now I could have done as he asked knowing full well that Armand is more of the classical music kind of ...vamp..  but I was enjoying the look of exasperation on his face way too much. I just kept dancing around the room, singing at the top of my lungs, pretending I didn't hear him.

Now he has stormed off somewhere... (looks about the house)... around here... (sighs)

I suppose I should go find him. Kiss and make up. I wonder if he is still glad I am here? Well now that I have annoyed him sufficiently ... I will be on my BEST behavior the rest of the evening. (wink-wink).

A taste ---

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Being naughty Daniel? I noticed your post on Louis's livejournal and I couldn't resist commenting to you. Mind if I add you?
HI DANIEL!! Names--------> RILEY *waves* I LUV some of the old tunes...and this vid!! I ADDED you to my small list of peoples...HOPE you don't mind.