His Name is Simon...

His name is Simon…and he is lounging sleepily upon my sofa, his lengthy limbs tangled in a blanket, his walnut eyes groggy and half open… The grayish light from the television screen bouncing around the room as I silently enter. He does not notice until I clear my throat and he jumps with a fright, his hand gripping the blanket and pulling it tight to his chin. I can not help but chuckle…ok sue me for small thrills.

“Jesus Christ!” he exclaims a breath of relief leaving him as he realizes who it is.

“Not quite.” I smirk flopping lazily down the opposite side of the sofa.

“Ha, ha…not funny…so not funny.” he says with half hearted sarcasm. “Do you do that to everyone you bring here?”

“No… and I don’t bring many here…only a chose few.” I stretch back, raising my arms and lacing my fingers behind my head.

He is silent for a moment, his big doe eyes have shifted back to the television. “So … how many are a few?”

“I don’t keep count.” I say flatly. His lips turn down as he glances quickly at me from the corner of his eye and then back to the tv. “There are not many…are you packed?”

“Yes. “He answers coolly. “You know this is not something I am exactly looking forward to. In fact I am dreading it and…I don’t know why you care…I don’t - what is the big deal.”

“It isn’t a big deal…but I am not going to be here and …” I sigh not in the mood to have this conversation again.

“And? You have to be with whoever it is you have been with. I know….you all ready told me. Look I have no shackles on you …I can just stay here….”

“No…” My voice is abrupt and strict. “Jesus … haven’t we all ready have this conversation?”

“Yeah…but I don‘t get why you have to be with him so desperately?”

I sigh bringing my hands down with a slap upon my thighs. “Because I do and - shit- I knew better than to do this…making it so fucking complicated. You have no idea Simon so just go home for the holiday and leave it at that.”

He sits quiet, his fist gripping the blanket he has now pulled over his mouth. “I know what you are…”

“I know you do and that is dangerous for you…” My voice softens as I turn my body to him. “This is dangerous for me Simon…I am not sure which way this will go and I would rather you home with people that care for you then back on the street. I don’t want you on the streets.”

 A smile spreads broadly across his lips as he turns to me his eyes bright and wide." do care."

“I let you stay here didn’t I?” I grin back knowing that in the back of my mind I shouldn't care. What the hell is wrong with me? I scold Armand for his time with Louis and here I am...ah shit.

“What if he doesn’t approve?” Simon's eyes walnut eyes darken into a deep brown, almost black and the smile fades from his lips.

He is not who I am worried about…it is others that….” I let my voice fade. “Look I need to go back…you have to try and understand this …NEED…I have to be with him and….besides once you are back home you may just want to stay.”

“Is that what you are hoping for Daniel?” He questions with a raised brow.

I sigh pulling my lower lip in before I answer. “Yes… Simon…I am. Now it is …” I glance at my watch. “It is seven, your flight is in about an hour…grab your bags and we’ll get you off to the airport…”

“My flight is at nine. I have plenty of time.” He lets the blanket fall and slides a little closer to me.

“You’re not going to use your charms to get out of this Simon now let’s go.”

He stares at me for a monment, his lips turning from a frown into a pout then with disappointed reluctance he pulls himself from the sofa, heads to the bedroom for his luggage, then returns the frown once again on his face. All I can think of as I usher him out the door like a reluctant 2 year old is how to explain it all, how to … well I guess I have started. -smirks-

 *     -     *      -    *     -    *

Note - I have been in Armand’s company for the last few nights. Needless to say he did not like the way I introduced Simon into our lives and … well he is brooding about the matter, which I expected, I hope it is only brooding anyway. Louis stopped briefly but has since - well …I don’t where Louis has gone he seems to have many things on his mind but when has there ever been a time he has not? -chuckles- As for Simon… well…let’s just say… Well let’s not say anything fully yet. I will tell more of the story in weeks to come. Right now I shall reserve all my energies for/on Armand…-winks with a grin-

So … that is it for now… I hope all you lovelies have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Give someone a kiss on the cheek for me…-wink-

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Hm...interesting. I hope Armand isn't too ticked at you. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. *kisses your cheek* Now I am blushing. ;)
You are a charming rogue when you want to be and I am sure your charms are coming into play as well as handy in dealing with Armand. Try whispering warm and sweet temptations into his ear...[smiles]
Well my goodness...[places hand lightly on chest softly smiling] Bonjour Daniel!!

How nice of you to make sure Simon went home to his family. I am quite aware of the circumstances that can bring an immortal and mortal together as well as the underlying consequences of such relationships. Even with that Daniel it was a very thoughtful act on your part.

I am looking forward to reading more about Simon and your time with Armand as well as what other things you have been up to these past years. :)